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How we charge

We think the fairest way to price work is simply based on the time it takes.

That's why we use hourly rates and track our work to the minute so that you only pay for the time you use. We don't lock clients into retainers or have minimum billables.

We know that providing value for money is important and so our hourly rate has always tracked well below the market rate for an agency with our skills and experience. It is calculated based on what we need to charge to sustain and invest in our business and reviewed on an annual basis.

  • Industry average rate: £86ph +VAT
  • Our standard 2019-20 rate: £68ph +VAT

Loyalty discount

We also want to reward client loyalty and so starting in 2018 we formalised our discount policy. Under this charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises benefit from a flat 10% discount on our standard rate and for everyone else we apply a 1% discount for every year that the client has been with us, subject to qualifying terms & conditions.

Project deposits

For any piece of work where the anticipated spend is greater than £2,000 ex VAT a deposit (typically 50% of the estimated cost) may be taken to secure a place for the project in our schedule. This deposit demonstrates that you are serious about your project and gives us the financial assurance we need to get started. With the final balance due on completion and sign-off of the work by you, this approach balances the risk evenly across both parties.