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How we charge

We think the fairest way to price work is simply based on the time it takes.

That's why we use hourly rates and track our work to the minute so that you only pay for the studio time your project actually uses. When it comes to on-going support we don't lock clients into retainers or have minimum billables, except for out-of-hours work.

We know that providing value for money is important and so our hourly rate has always tracked well below the market rate for any agency with our type of skills and experience. We base our rate on what we need to charge to sustain and grow the business and review this on an annual basis, publishing any changes here and in an email update to clients.

  • Industry average rate: £86ph +VAT
  • Our standard 2020-21 rate: £68ph +VAT
  • Our charity 2020-21 rate: £64.60ph +VAT

Loyalty discount

As well as providing great value we also want to reward client loyalty and in 2018 we formalised our discount policy. Under this we apply a 1% discount for every year that client has worked with us and start all charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises at a 5% discount from day one.

Payment terms

Our standard payment terms are 14 days for studio time and 30 days for services such as hosting or domain name registration. Unless otherwise arranged all payments are taken by BACS. We follow the government's guidance on late payment compensation, including charging statutory interest on any amounts owning and a fixed debt recovery fee. However, we would encourage anyone who thinks they may have problems paying on time to get in touch before payment becomes due as we may be able to arrange extended payment terms depending on the circumstances.

Material costs

The other thing we may charge for as part of a project or in the course of day-to-day design and development support are material costs. These are normally things that we are purchasing on your behalf for use specifically on your project. For example licensing WordPress plug-ins, stock photography, custom fonts etc. In cases where material costs may be involved we will approve these with you ahead of purchase.

Project deposits

For any piece of work where the anticipated spend is greater than £1,000 ex VAT a deposit (typically 50% of the estimated cost) may be taken to secure a place in our schedule. This deposit demonstrates that you are serious about your project and gives us the financial assurance we need to get started.

Last updated: 20 May 2020